The entire concept of gently peeling off the impurities from the face for a visibly clear and glowing skin has taken the internet by storm. Whether we admit it or not, all of us can be caught guilty for secretly watching the oddly satisfying peel off mask videos on the social media channels. If you are too skeptical or are simply unaware of the products available in the arcade, it is time to level up on your beauty regime with these highly recommended peel-off masks. Because who doesn’t yearn for a blooming skin, duh!

Here is a list of must-have peel-off masks-

  1. Khadi natural gold peel-off mask:

Khadi Gold Peel Off Mask 1 300x300 - 6 Peel-Off Masks You Have to Get Your Hands on!

When a date or a party is not in line with your salon visits, Khadi’s peel-off mask will promise to be your knight in shining armor. Infused with the goodness of honey and gold dust extracts, imparting sheen and gold-like finish to your face is a piece of cake for this mask. Priced at INR 140 and prepared with natural ingredients make this face mask a steal deal!

2. Iraa Instaradiance de-stressing peel-off mask:

Iraa Instaradiance de stressing peel off mask 225x300 - 6 Peel-Off Masks You Have to Get Your Hands on!

Gleam-less skin is one of the many undesirable detriments of balancing work, social and personal life. But this mask from Iraa has the power to evidently add the luster that worry had diminished over time. So what I am saying here is, put on this mask after a bad day at work and kick out both the boss’s nagging and blemished skin out!

3. Biotique Bio peach clarifying and refining peel-off mask:

Biotique Bio peach clarifying and refining peel off mask - 6 Peel-Off Masks You Have to Get Your Hands on!

Biotique is the ace of herbal products, and this peel-off mask from the house of eminence does oblige to its duties of deeply purifying the skin and redefining its texture. Supplemented with extracts of peach, cucumber, a neem, and quince seed if you are someone who is prone to random breakouts, this mask is a blessing that demands to be in your vanity.

4. Healthvit activated charcoal purifying peel-off mask:

Healthvit activated charcoal purifying peel off mask 175x300 - 6 Peel-Off Masks You Have to Get Your Hands on!

Charcoal face masks have been a charmer popular for its unrivaled results on the skin. But, if you want to get hold of the best one, we have spelled it out for you! This mask has a special formula that acts like a dirt-magnet to unclog the pores and suck even the most stubborn blackheads to eventually leave behind a shimmering surface that doesn’t demand a highlighter!

5. Himalaya herbals purifying neem peel-off mask:

Himalaya herbals purifying neem peel off mask 180x300 - 6 Peel-Off Masks You Have to Get Your Hands on!

This economically priced peel-off mask is poached with a therapeutic blend of neem and turmeric that are naturally known to possess anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. If your sole goal of resorting to a peel-off mask is to get rid of your persistent pimples and its enduring marks, this mask will definitely do the needful.

6. Inatur cucumber peel-off mask:

Inatur cucumber peel off mask 214x300 - 6 Peel-Off Masks You Have to Get Your Hands on!

Loaded with excerpts of cucumber, tea tree oil, and lemon oil, this masterpiece from Inatur will quest your skin’s thirst like no other mask. For ladies sick of their skin woes, this baby will be the safest bet for waving goodbye to damaged skin. Oil-free and even-textured skin is just a mask away!

Few tips before jumping on to peel off masks:

  • Do not use peel off mask more than once a week. This will bring in more harm than good.
  • Under any circumstance, use a moisturizer post peeling off for best results.

You are good to go! Buy now and say hello to beautiful skin!

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