7 Shower Tricks For Your Hair


No day is as bad as a bad hair day. We try our best to keep them tied or pleated but it doesn’t work out. It’s also one of those days when we can’t Snapchat or add pictures to Insta story. Hence we wish there is no such day that makes one’s hair dull for 24 hours straight. For shiny and lustrous hair, the mentioned shower tricks for your hair are definitely the hacks your life needs right now.

Here is a list of 7 Shower Tricks For Your Hair

  1. Shampoo your hair in the right manner

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People are addicted to shampoos but they generally tend to miss out on the ways to use it right. Experts have advised that shampooing the scalp and the roots make hair shinier as these areas accumulate dust and dandruff. Don’t use shampoo on the ends as it can lead to dryness. This is one of the most important shower tricks for your hair. 

2. Don’t shampoo often

Since the fragrance of shampoos is very attractive, we overuse it. Use only a little amount of the shampoo and let it lather well. Excess shampoo can deteriorate the volume of your hair and may also cause dryness. Hence, shampoo only twice a week to keep your hair healthier and happier.

3. Say no to hot water

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Warm water baths can help you feel refreshed but they are known to have adverse effects as well. A hot shower can strip away the hair texture and also the was out the essential oils. It can also lead to tangled hair. If you really wish to take bath then opt for lukewarm water as it’s your safest bet.

4. Keep showers short

Prolonged showers are also not a good idea. People spend an hour sometimes over showers which is a total waste. The needed benefits are already acquired within 15 minutes. The essential oils from the hair wash away and you are not doing any favour here. So keep them short and sweet, please!

5. Comb your hair properly

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Most of the times, when we are in the rush we tend to forget brushing. Just remember that this step is vital too. You will damage your roots and ends. Use a brush and comb away the tangles that are caused. Start from the bottom and then go upwards. Brush outwards and not inwards.

  1. Condition your hair

Do you leave your conditioner on for more than five minutes? Well, to tell you the truth, it’s a wrong practice. Conditioners are designed in a way that you get an instant effect on your hair. When you apply the conditioner, it has already done the needful. Consider deep conditioning only once a week. Apply it before the shower and then shampoo your hair. You can also add olive oil to your shampoo before you begin the process.

  1. Pat dry

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The biggest mistake we make after our hair wash is we rub them out so they dry quickly. Stop right there if you have been doing this lately. It can absolutely spoil your hair texture plus it can reduce your hair volume as well. Pat dry your hair instead. It seems long but is vital and very much effective.

These shower tricks for your hair have been designed to let you know that there are no bad hair days on your way now on. Include all these tips and tricks the next time you head to shower because these 7 shower tricks for your hair can save your hair for the rest of your life. We are dead sure these expert ideas will not disappoint you!

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