8 perfumes women must-have in their collection


Let’s all agree to this one that we all love to have at least more than one perfume at a time. Those duty-free perfumes are sometimes like a dream come true and when our friends travel abroad, we guess it’s the first thing one likes to own. Having said that, we scoured the internet and decided to give you an idea of these long-lasting perfumes that you can either have for yourself or your S.O. Without a doubt, your girlfriend would be amazed by these mentioned options.


  1. Trendy from Nike:

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Our lives are filled with traveling or sometimes going to a friend’s party over the weekend. Whatever your plan is, this perfume by Nike is the one you should ideally say yes to. The most important reason being it is available for INR 598 and the second best thing about it is that it lasts straight for 7 hours. The refreshing floral smell is definitely what you need to begin your day with

  1. Titan Skin Celeste EDP:

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Ranging in smells and design, this newbie by Titan is the one we are drooling over currently. This one is known for its sandalwood and musky fragrance. This feminine perfume is definitely something you need in your collection for the upcoming fall weather.

  1. The Rebellious – BVLGARI:

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Expectations are high for anniversaries or birthday. For all the men out there, this perfume by Bvlgari is what your lady would love. The mystical and powerful fragrance of this one made from Ottoman rose and tea rose oil is the epitome of what luxury looks like.


  1. The BOSS- Roberto Cavalli:

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This perfume can instantly make others wonder about your choice because it is best suited for working women. Cavali is designed for the queen in you, someone who prefers a fragrance that’s unique. The oriental floral aroma with pink pepper and vanilla brings out the feminine yet distinctive vibe.



  1. Victoria’s Secret Garden Pure Seduction

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Widely available in India as well, this one has a very sweet fragrance. If you are someone who is addicted to the floral aroma, then we give our nod to this one. The aroma is not at all overboard plus it would rescue you from the frequent sweat and stink.

  1. Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette For Woman:

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To experience freshness like never before, this perfume by David off is the one you must include. The fruitiness of watermelon, as well as pineapple, enlivens the whole environment with its sweet fragrance. It has delicate energy associated with it. The perks of buying this one are it comes handy and the fragrance lasts longer than a relationship (pun intended).



  1. Calvin Klein Beauty For Women Eau De Parfum:

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Celebrate freedom and beauty by owning this perfume. Its designed for the modern woman and the mature fragrance of this one lasts for about 12 hours. Its mild yet the jasmine ingredient in it makes this one an instant favourite of all.

  1. The Body Shop British Rose Eau De Toilette:

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The month is about to get over and you are running short on budget. Fret not cuz this perfume by the body shop is about to set your budget right. Available just INR 1295, this perfume has a unique, sweet fragrance of fresh, dewy British roses. Just spray it twice on your neck and you would know its worth every penny spent.


Be it your first date or the one after your marriage, these perfumes are the ones she would fall for, stat. We are sure that you have already started locating them on different websites. Let happiness get delivered at her doorstep!

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