Android Or iOS,Which Is The Best Suitable Platform


Two big platforms for mobile app development are iOS and Android. IOS was developed by Apple and Android by Google. Other platforms like blackberry and windows have just vanished now. At present, people are addicted to using smartphones and they have become extremely selective in choosing the platform. For starting any business or for the growth of the existing business, it becomes quite necessary to build an app for promoting your business. Thus, you have to select one platform amongst these two most popular platforms for building your mobile app. Here are some basic overviews that will help you choose a suitable platform for app development.


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Android, developed by Google, is a mobile operating system. We know that Android dominates the Smartphone market nowadays. Since Android users are mainly from the middle-income community, it’s good to generate revenue through making the app for android device for developing nation.

The development of a newly updated version of Android device takes a long time since the device productions are done by different divisions. But that’s not a big issue and till date, there are thousands of different android devices developed.

Android app development uses JAVA language that is very common and not very difficult.Thus it’s easy for the developer to understand the business requirement and to apply it in app development for the Android platform.

Customization in android is very easy. If you want to modify, you can do it the way you like since it has inbuilt software for that and you don’t need to make any software change. In Android, to make the application live, you just need to upload it to app store. It will live in a small time and the user can use it immediately.


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iOS, developed by Apple, is a mobile operating system which was originally developed for iPhones, but now it also supports- iPad, I touch and iPod. IOS has a less market share of about 20 % but the revenue share is more than that of Android. IOS users mostly consist of higher income class thus the development of app on its platform is efficient for developing countries. IOS is the most revenue generating source and we can directly charge on the app or through in-app purchase.

C-language is generally used for developing the iOS application.  C language is somewhat difficult and also time-consuming; it takes time to understand the requirements and apply in development. It doesn’t take much time for a new update in technology since it doesn’t use fragmentation technology for development. Third party integration feature is not very successful in iOS since iOS device needs its own programming for any application to access on iOS platform.

Customization is not like Android, we can’t modify anything according to our choice. This can be done in iOS only by changing the software coding, and it doesn’t have any inbuilt software for that. To make iOS app live it takes a lot of time because it has to pass through approval processes.

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Which platform to choose? If you are going to target the Android user then the Android platform is good. If you want to target iOS users then iOS platform is good. Both have their own advantages and limitations, it’s hard to decide which one is better. The app development platform can be selected only on the basis of your business requirement. If more users use any of these two platforms then that platform is good to develop an app for your business promotion through this just so you can target more users.

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