Apple slows down old iPhones, fears confirmed by the tech giant


Everybody knows it for a fact: Whenever a new iPhone model is released, the old ones go crazy. And not in a good way. If you have ever owned an iPhone, you must have definitely noticed that the battery drains out faster and the phone lags in general. It becomes difficult to browse the internet or even check your emails. What’s worse, that it even shuts down unexpectedly! If you thought that it is just an unfortunate coincidence, well then, we’ve got news for you. The tech giant just released a statement that confirms that Apple slows down old iPhones.

In the statement, Apple says that it has been making use of software updates to hamper the performance of older iPhones, thus slowing it down. Moreover, it also leads to not only poor battery life for the older iPhones but also causes it to shut down unexpectedly.

The news that Apple slows down old iPhones came to light when tech analysts and customers complained about their device’s poor performance.

Hundreds of people have tweeted that iOS 10 slows down your existing iPhone hardware 655538 - Apple slows down old iPhones, fears confirmed by the tech giant

They now identify it as Apple’s aggressive tactic to promote the sale of their newer models. Naturally, customers and users have been rightfully angry and outraged by this disclosure.

On the other hand, Apple has been clearing its stand and has reiterated that the deliberate slowing down of the systems is done to protect the phone and the users. As per their claim, the life of a Lithium-ion battery degrades over time and thus may not be able to sustain all operations that it once did. This causes the battery to lose juice much quicker. Also, the decrease in performance of the device causes it to shut down to protect the electronic components from malfunctioning.

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Apple states that the recent software updates that were rolled out for iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7 was to counter the peak power demands, thereby increasing the battery life. The update was also aimed to minimise these abrupt shutdowns. But as a trade-off, while it did conserve the battery, it compromised the old iPhone’s performance heavily.

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Source: CNN

So what’s next for the old iPhones?

So while it has been established that Apple slows down old iPhones, the company claims that it will continue to do so in the future products. This decision brings to light Apple’s commitment towards providing devices with prolonged life. The older phones are bound to have old batteries that may not be able to keep up with the power demands of the device. Thus, it would only make sense to downgrade the system performance to match that of the battery’s performance.

Nevertheless, it has sparked an outrage where users are willing to switch to their rival company, Samsung. Apple is also facing a number of lawsuits from Israel and US ever since the news broke out. The class-action lawsuit argues that Apple has shied away from informing its customers about this feature that would purposely slow down the performance of the phone. The company is also facing a fraud lawsuit from the users who had to purchase a new iPhone, which they wouldn’t have had they known that they only had to switch the battery. Multiple portals have been advising users to switch their iPhone batteries to reinstate the usual power-packed performance.

With the whole worldwide web going into a tizzy every since this big reveal, the question still lingers: Is this action by Apple, no matter with how good an intention, ethical?

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