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Now that you are here, this surely means you are looking forward to putting up your investment in the crypto world. Well, why not? Isn’t it one of the best places to make your investment? It might not sound strange if I mention about the advancements that Ethereum and Bitcoin have led forward to. By far, they are hands down the most well known and widely used investment product running on the market. Thus, you would definitely be looking for the best cryptocurrencies that are available to reap the most benefit, right?

There has been a lot of ups and down observed lately in the crypto world. This is a new year that brings along plenty of new opportunities for the world. Here I present to you the best cryptocurrencies that have made its impact in the global market for the longest time now.

Time to introduce the famous - Bitcoin (BTC)

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Source: Financial Tribune

Nothing could prove itself better than Bitcoin when we chart down the list of best cryptocurrencies. No wonder it had a roller coaster ride throughout the year, but it made sure to remain on the top of the list and prove it to be the most expensive crypto that was ever seen.

Bitcoin has made sure to grab most of the attention so far and continues to do so for the world to see it ever attaining heights.

The number two is nevertheless – Ethereum (ETH)

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Ethereum left no stones unturned to make an increase in its value in the last year. It started off with less than $1K and got an increased value of 9000%.

Talking of the market cap, it is amongst the 3rd largest and has made a total of 100.6 Billion so far. Not bad, is it?

Here is the number three – Blocktix (BTX)

Blocktix - Best cryptocurrencies ruling the markets right now
Source: ICOinindex

Built on Ethereum, this currency sure found its way and is known for being the best cryptocurrencies so far.  The market cap of Blocktix has ranged up to $7 million. This is not bad if we relate it to the other target markets.

It defiantly doesn’t look out for success and just aims to expand its reach. The project's plan is credible and it looks forward to making its reach outside of the crypto community. That calls for the fact that it will ultimately find its own buyer.

Let’s welcome - Monero

monero - Best cryptocurrencies ruling the markets right now
Source: Coinivore

You must have heard the phrase – “prepare for the worst?" Well, in case you have then you can assure yourself that even if it lags down to the worst case scenario, there will be a minimum of 90 USD to back out at the earliest. Out of which you will need just 100 back out to buy your favourite Monero

To discuss the market cap, the total cost of it is assumed to be at $6 Billion. However, Monero has bigger demands and costs somewhere around $300. Well, getting your hands on these won’t hurt you a lot and you can surely mend out ways to go ahead.

Litecoin makes the entry

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Source: CNNMoney

This is not only one of the best cryptocurrencies that were introduced but is also holds the third most successful position in the present year.

As for now, the cost of one litecoin would lie somewhere around $250. Not at a bad deal at all. That is the reason for it to be on the investors pick list for quite a time now. The market reach for Litecoin is pretty decent too making it over $13.2 Billion. This sure is going to draw some dollars right in your pocket.

Here we present the best cryptocurrencies that have proven themselves as the evergreen wonders of the crypto market. Time to make a choice.



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