Best lehenga trends of this wedding season


Wedding season is upon us. Often, it so happens that the wedding ceremony is celebrated by all; but the ones who miss out on all the fun are the bride and groom themselves! The bride, especially, is under immense pressure to look good. It is a stressful time and starts from the day of deciding upon marriage! “What should I wear?” is not a question but a nightmare that haunts the bride. Every bride wants to stay true to her roots but at the same time yearns to look fashionable. Long trips to brick and mortar shops or surfing from website to website, it is a tiring task indeed. Everyone wants to wear something trendy; it is their special day, of course! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best lehenga trends of this wedding season. We can assure you that after you are done with this list, you will find it so much easier to rock a lehenga at the wedding season.

Best Lehenga Trends for This Wedding Season:

Wedding trails

Normally present in Western bridal trousseau, lehengas having a long trail are fashionable lehenga trends of this wedding season. It is the perfect fusion outfit that holds on to the traditional ethnic clothing but adds a dash of modernity to it. It makes the lehenga look like a royal gown. Since it can even double up as an evening gown for a special occasion, you don’t have to feel like you are going to wear the outfit just once.

trail lehenga - Best lehenga trends of this wedding season

Saree or Lehenga?

Confused between what to choose? A saree or a lehenga? What if we told you that you can opt for both?!


Saree Lehenga - Best lehenga trends of this wedding season

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds if you purchase a lehenga saree. It is basically a lehenga and the dupatta is draped around like a saree. They are making quite an appearance in the Indian wedding season.

Lace and Nets are Friends

lace lehenga - Best lehenga trends of this wedding season

For a perfect dreamy look, settle for laces and nets for lehengas. Nets and laces come in various metallic colours and look absolutely gorgeous against rich, deep colours like navy blue and maroon. The deep shades contrasted with shimmer and shine like the royalty. Plus, they can transform a boring bridal wear into a posh affair.

Go Vintage

go vintage - Best lehenga trends of this wedding season

Is it even a lehenga if it doesn’t have an adequate amount of twirl? Frills are back in fashion this wedding season. Long lehengas that bloom like a flower in spring will make every bride look like a pretty picture. Plus, they look absolutely stunning in photographs where you can take clichéd but time-tested pose of laying out your lehenga in full flare.

Make it Pop

Colourful Lehenga - Best lehenga trends of this wedding season

Usually, brides settle for safe colours like blue, red, or maroon. But what if you are a bride that believes in dressing flamboyantly? Don’t hide your colours or restrict yourself to monochromes. Wear your style and throw on a lehenga that is splashed in various hues. With a great amount of confidence, you can steal the show even in a fluorescent bridal wear (we wouldn’t recommend it though)

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