Best phones 2017 Edition


In saying mobile phone is a small rectangle piece only but in reality, it is very important in our day to day life. Before some time you rarely could see the smartphones after traveling miles. But now it becomes very popular and you can see it almost in every hand. As the technologies are moving forward the smartphones become more powerful, day by day demand is increasing because of new features developing continuously. The memory, screen resolution, camera quality and other features getting better as time flows. With increasing features these smartphones also becoming affordable for everyone. It is getting difficult to find out which phone will be better and which one is suitable for our needs and which one we should buy? Our list of best phones 2017 had to offer contains almost all the major highlights.

Here is the list of some best phones 2017 gave us, we are giving reviews for some best phones so you can understand the scenario.

Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy8 300x247 - Best phones 2017 Edition

It is the best smartphone right now, with the advanced features like increased memory, better camera quality, and smoothness in use. Galaxy 8 has the amazing display, you will see the best performance, longer battery life. One bad thing is the fingerprint sensor is providing just next to the camera, but the overall performance and user experience are good. You will not get disappointed after buying it and using it.


one plus5 300x172 - Best phones 2017 Edition

After one-plus 3T the new version one plus 5 comes with more advanced features. It is having stunning look, better performance, and superb camera quality. The speed to perform is high thus it is a little bit costly. If cost is not a matter for you then you can buy this you will get satisfaction.


redmi 300x161 - Best phones 2017 Edition

It is best to budget smartphone and having better look than its predecessor. No battery heating problem, best performance.

iPhone 8 plus

iphone8 300x184 - Best phones 2017 Edition

The most expensive smartphone yet, It is mostly anticipated smartphone for the year, its size makes it easy to hold if you are a fan of stylish looking phones than it would be your first choice.


lg g6 1 300x269 - Best phones 2017 Edition

It is having the stunning display, made with South Korean technology, the phone is best for who loves clicking photos, making videos, and this provides the best quality camera setup.


Google Pixel XL 300x266 - Best phones 2017 Edition

Google pixel XL is pixel perfect with the best camera quality that can put it far away from competitors. This is completely designed and developed by Google, this is also best smartphone having two internal memory storage setup, 32GB, and 128 GB. But there is no expansion for external memory or SD card.


xperia 300x171 - Best phones 2017 Edition

It is an all-rounder phone developed by Sony, provided with a beautiful design, great picture, and video quality, great battery performance.


moto e4 300x224 - Best phones 2017 Edition

The cheapest Motorola version but no compromise in quality, features, and performance, Provides best user experience.


htc u11 300x297 - Best phones 2017 Edition

If you want to buy a phone that does not only look good but also provide great performance then this will be your choice, having 128 GB storage, better audio quality and the 12MP camera that captures best quality pictures.

So that’s the best phones 2017 had to offer. How many were you aware of?

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