Modern Computer Programming Language Wars PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby


Nowadays, the big ambiguity situation facing all is to choose the best computer programming language for web development. PHP, Python, and ruby all there are modern and most used computer programming languages, each of them having their own qualities and shortcomings. The main concern is to select the language that best suits your development requirements.

The question arises is which computer programming language should be chosen? And on what basis the selection should be made? Is it ease of work, productivity, usability or flexibility?

Thus there is a requirement to know the major difference and similarity between this three computer programming language for choosing better one. Here I am giving a brief description of these languages so you can get an idea.


php - Modern Computer Programming Language Wars PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby

PHP, the recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a most popular open source general purpose server scripting language that is embedded in HTML, basically designed to develop dynamic and interactive web pages, mostly used to develop web-based software applications. PHP can be used for all major operating systems including Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS and also support all major web servers, so there is a choice to select the operating system and web server. The main features, it can support a wide range of databases, It is fast, easy to learn and flexible language. The only limitations are it is not suitable for desktop applications, less secure than other programming languages and usability is low.


python logo - Modern Computer Programming Language Wars PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby

Python is widely used general purpose object-oriented and high-level programming language, designed to make programming more productive and highly readable. Python is easy and quick to learn due to simple syntax, easy to maintain and can support multiple operating system and platforms. This language is more organized and having more attractive designs that makes it more readable. This is a beginner level programming; it can support a wide range of web applications. Python is most discussed language, it has great community support. The only disadvantage is slow speed, but now the speed is also optimized to a great extent.


ruby - Modern Computer Programming Language Wars PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby

Ruby is the dynamic object-oriented scripting language designed to make programming simple, flexible and productive. It also runs on various platforms like Windows, Mac, and UNIX. It is also an open source, general purpose and interpreted programming language, can be embedded with HTML like PHP. It has clean and organized syntax that can be learned easily and quickly by developers. The ruby code is highly elegant, powerful and usable; it is mostly preferred for web development and functional programming. It has strong community support in both the way either online or offline. The only disadvantage is slow runtime speed.


At the end, we can say these three languages holds some strength like PHP supports large databases, python is faster to use and ruby is highly usable. All three programming languages are good with their pros and cons, we can’t say which one is best it totally depends on developers and development needs.


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