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A beautiful charming face enhances your personality. But if you have those ugly dark circles under eyes, all the beauty gets vanished. Makeup can hide them temporarily but getting rid of the dark circles is a time taking ritual. Rather than hiding these dark circles you can clear them with some efforts.

Here we discuss some home remedies for the ugly dark circles under eyes. Before that let's understand the causes behind them.


Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes


  • Lack of Sleep -

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    Not getting enough sleep, staying up until late or not having a sleeping schedule can be one of the several reasons for getting dark circles under the eyes. So you need to get the dose of beauty sleep everyday.

  • Lack of Hydration -

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    Low water intake can really harm your skin including the delicate part of the under eyes. Having enough amount of water is essential to have healthy eyes and the beautiful under eyes skin. Including fruit juices to your diet may help you get an additional boost of hydration.

  • Improper Protection from Sunrays -

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    Are you using enough protection to safeguard your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the Sun? Applying a broad spectrum sunscreen cream or lotion along with the sunglasses are must for beautiful eyes.

  • Using Harmful Makeup -

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    Using harmful makeup too frequently can result in ugly dark circles. Try to avoid such makeup brands and go for safer ones. Not using makeup is a much better option to have beautiful eyes.

  • It Could Be in Your Genes -

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    Some hereditary conditions may get passed on to the next generations. If your parents have the issue of dark circles, chances are high that you too will end up getting them.

Home Remedies for Dark Circes

Here are some highly effective home remedies to get rid of the dark circles under eyes.

Raw Potato Works Wonders -

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Grate a raw potato and squeeze out its juice. Apply this juice on the dark circles. Keep it for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off with tap water. Do this thrice a week for the beautiful results.

Cucumber is The Best Ingredient for The Beautiful Eyes -

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Slice a fresh cucumber and keep these slices on closed eyes. Take rest for a while and remove the slices after some time. You can also use the cucumber juice just like raw potato juice and can see the improvement very soon.

Aloe Vera is A Gift of Nature -

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Remove the aloe vera gel from its leaves. And dab in on the affected area. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Aloe vera gel gives faster results if applied regularly.

Rose Water -

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Rose water is being used for beauty and skincare rituals since ages. Its soothing effects improve the skin tone and vanish the dark circles within no time. Dip 2 cotton balls in the rose water and place them on the closed eyelids for 10-15 minutes. You will feel the cooling effect of rose water as soon as you start using it. And see the dark circles fading away soon too.

I hope you will try these remedies at the earliest and say goodbye to the dark circles under eyes.

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