It is a rare occurrence when the launch of a new Apple product gets overshadowed by what can be termed as a ‘distraction.’ But that is exactly what happened when Apple launched iPhone 8. Although the launch was meant for iPhone 8, Apple sprung a surprise with a “wait a minute…” and unleashed the iPhone X. Clearly, iPhone X totally stole the show and iPhone 8 must be left feeling like an unwanted child.

Gadget Review iPhone 85 - Gadget Review: iPhone 8

So, we decided to give the iPhone 8 some attention and write an elaborate review of the device.

What’s in the box? You will find Lightning EarPods, an adapter to convert these LightningPods to 3.5mm, an adapter to convert Lightning to USB Type-A, charger (5W) and of course, the phone and user manual.

Apple discarded the conventional trademark design with the iPhone 6 and has stuck to that model since. iPhone 8 has dimensions comparable to iPhone 6 and 7, except maybe a fraction more. The aluminium back panel is replaced with a more appealing glass finish, but it adds a few more grams to the model. Nonetheless, we would definitely advise you to get a case for the phone to avoid any damage that may dent your pockets. Another reason to purchase that case would be because of the camera jutting out in the back panel. Otherwise, if your phone rests on its back, there are definite chances of nasty scratches on your camera lens.

Gadget Review iPhone 84 - Gadget Review: iPhone 8

The glass panel on the back comes with a purpose, it is to enable wireless charging. While it may be a slower process, it is definitely an innovation since wireless charging is irrespective of the phone cable and the plate can charge different phone models from different companies.

Gadget Review iPhone 83 - Gadget Review: iPhone 8

The OLED displays come with Apple’s True Tone technology, which comes with ambient light sensors that adapt the screen brightness. Thus, you can be on your phone without putting your eyes through undue stress.

As for the powerhouse, the phone runs on the A11 Bionic chipset by Apple, which is their latest SoC in their range. It is a hexacore processor with 4 more efficient cores (70% faster) and 2 supporting cores (25% faster). If that isn’t enough to blow your mind then beat this: They can all run simultaneously! That’s lightning fast.

The phone comes with iOS 11 and has a triple-core GPU. That means that the phone runs smoothly like a lean machine. It is coupled with an approximate 2GB RAM (3GB for Plus model) and an entry-level storage of 64GB. The other variant is the 256GB model.

Although Apple’s warranty won’t be covered in liquid damage, the phone can be submerged in water less than or upto 1-metre depth for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

The rear camera for iPhone 8 is pegged at 12MP, which captures images in the High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format and videos in High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format. Notice that the “High Efficiency” means that the media will take up lesser space on your phone. While Apple is known to churn out the best in class cameras for their phones, they somehow are still lagging behind HTC and Samsung phones. The front camera also comes with the screen flash that may capture a perfect selfie. All said and done, they definitely trump their previous models.

Gadget Review iPhone 82 - Gadget Review: iPhone 8

They have stuck to their traditional colours. Colours available are Silver, Space Grey, and Gold.

Gadget Review iPhone 81 - Gadget Review: iPhone 8

VERDICT: If you are aiming for a value for money device, then maybe you could settle for an Android phone, which may save you a few bucks. Otherwise, if you are going for the brand status of Apple, then you should upgrade to iPhone 8/8+

Unless of course, you are eyeing iPhone X, more on that later.

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