Hair Grooming Tips for Men: The Gentlemen’s guide

hair grooming tips for men

Apart from clothing, the newest fashion trend that men are seen experimenting with have been hair. From man buns to spikes to mohawks to prim and proper boardroom approved haircut. But how do you manage to maintain that freshly cut, salon-style hair? Here are a few hair grooming tips for men that will make you look like you just walked out of the hair salon!

Here are the hair grooming tips for men that most men swear by!

Start and maintain a schedule

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Hair needs a regular upkeep. Especially with men sporting shorter hairstyles. Thus, ensure that you visit your barber once every 3 weeks to periodically groom your hair. And no, hair is not just about the one on your head! Whether it is your nostril hair, beard, mustache, or even chest hair: make a schedule for their regular upkeep.

Hair makeovers are a gradual thing

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While we definitely notice many Facebook videos that show an instant transformation, it is wise to make the transition gradually. Schedule an appointment with a stylist and discuss what is the final hairstyle you wish to settle on. Over time, you can keep scheduling regular upkeep, setting, and styling while your hair takes on the new look.

Hair and Beard should be complimentary

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If you are preparing for a special day and plan to have a groomed beard or a clean-shaved face, then consider doing it a day in advance. This may drastically reduce the appearance of irritated skin or a few nicks here and there. Also, if you are not confident about which beard style would suit your hair, go to a professional because they know best!

Full Beards need grooming too!

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You may think that the messy, rugged, full beard may be the ultimate werewolf look. But it isn’t so. There is often stray hair sticking out that will ruin the entire appearance. So keep a razor handy to get rid of that unwanted hair.

Don’t be afraid to try new products

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Of course, you may have used hair gel a billion times. But what about a hair conditioner? Or a hair styling cream? Or a serum to nourish your hair? There is a range of products available that go with many hair grooming tips for men. Try them out and experiment with different looks. Just a word of caution, if you have allergies or a sensitive skin or scalp, then definitely purchase products from well-known brands to avoid any inflammation.

Tweezers are your best friend!

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Tweezers may look nasty but they are extremely versatile and can help you get rid of all kinds of unwanted hair. Remember the stragglers present in a full beard mentioned above? Pluck it out. Do you have a nasal hair poking its way out of your nostril? Pluck it out. Men who groom their eyebrows swear by the tweezers that help them in the upkeep. So keep one on hand for all your hair emergencies.

Care for your hair

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All of these hair grooming tips for men will be futile if you do not follow a regular hair care regime. Men are more prone to balding or have thinner hair. Overusing styling products can damage your hair or change its texture. Thus, it is important to look after your hair. Follow a healthy diet plan, lay off the chemicals, use styling products in smaller quantities, and use hair products or oils (or even natural remedies) that will nourish your hair.

Remember, happy hair is the best hairstyle!

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