Health benefits of Garlic


There was a time when garlic warded off evil like vampires. Times have changed yet garlic continues to be a protector. The aroma of garlic as it simmers in oil or butter is enough to add volumes to the flavour of the food. Garlic is one of the most essential ingredients in Indian, Chinese, French, and Italian cuisines. Clearly, these civilisations have known the health benefits of garlic from ages ago. Ayurveda practiced in the ancient times made use of garlic to cure respiratory illnesses, to battle parasitic infections and to assist digestion. But what are the other health benefits of garlic? We have your answer right here.

Here are the health benefits of garlic.

It Can Significantly Lower Cancer Risk

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Oligosaccharides, selenium, arginine-rich proteins, and flavonoids are present in garlic cloves. These may assist the body in differentiation of ailments and can have anti-cancer qualities. In fact, according to Cancer Prevention Research presented in July 2013, people who consumed raw garlic at least twice a week seemed to have lower rates of lung cancer. The antioxidants present in garlic fight the free radicals that cause the formation of tumour or spreading of cancer.

It Can Lower Cholesterol

cholesterol - Health benefits of Garlic

It was proven in 1991 that garlic has the capacity to lower bad cholesterol. The study was published in the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine. Garlic lowers the activities of the liver that ensures that cholesterogenic and lipogenic enzymes are reduced. Due to this there is a decreased production of LDL-cholesterol and plasma lipids.

It Gives an Immunity Boost

Garlic strengthens your immune system. The fortification happens due to the antioxidants released by the garlic that engages with any free radicals that can cause disease and can even fight toxins. A 12-week study claimed that garlic can combat common cold and those suffering from it can also recover faster.

It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

heart garlic - Health benefits of Garlic

Garlic can never be praised enough for dealing with heart diseases. It has been scientifically proven that garlic reduces blood pressure. The claim has been supported by various studies conducted from as early as 1979! High blood pressure generally tends to have side effects, but garlic as a natural component does not have any negative effects on the body.

It is a Reliable Antiseptic

antiseptic - Health benefits of Garlic

During WWII, raw garlic was put over deep wounds to prevent the spread of infections and gangrene. In fact, even earlier than that, Louis Pasteur noticed that components of garlic depressed the replication of bacteria. Allicin is an active compound present in garlic and is credited for its antibacterial property. You can even rub raw garlic over meat items and they can be safe from infection. Not only meats, it has the capacity to even keep vegetables fresher.

It is Best for Dental Care

dental - Health benefits of Garlic

So what if Garlic gives you a bad breath? Garlic effectively combats human dental plaque. It has been proven as a health benefit of garlic that it can fight plaque causing agents present in the mouth. Not just that, garlic is also capable of fighting oral infections and it has been historically known that chewing a raw clove of garlic can provide relief for cavities and mouth infections.

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