Ileana D’Cruz married? Is now Mrs. Kneebone?

ileana d'cruz married

This year, or rather this month of December, has been a time for secret weddings. So if you shift your focus from the obvious wedding of the year (Psst, Virushka) and the grand reception(s) that followed, you might have missed the few who are asking the question "Is Ileana D'Cruz married?" If you are one of the few people wondering the same then let us break it to you, there may be a grain of truth in the news!

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Ileana D'Cruz married? But how?

Ileana D'Cruz has been dating Andrew Kneebone for a fairly long time. They have been extremely reserved about their relationship. Despite that, whenever rumours of her marriage to Andrew have surfaced, the Goan beauty has made it a point to diffuse such bombs. In fact, she has even laughed off such gossip and brushed it under the rug.

Andrew Kneebone is an Australian photographer. He was first spotted courting Ileana somewhere in 2013 around Bandra. Once they bonded over the photos captured, they discovered more common interests that sparked their relationship. 4 years later, they are still going strong.

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The couple is known for posting candids and cute lovey-dovey posts for each other. These have definitely left the fans going soft over their adorable romance. They have also been spotted at various events together and it is clear as day that the two cannot be more in love.

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So where do the marriage rumours come from?

Well, you can't directly say that it comes straight from the horse's mouth but something definitely seems to be up.

First of all, Ileana, who is quick to rubbish rumours has been eerily quiet ever since her secret "marriage" has become the talk of the town. Secondly, it is her own words that have left some fans scratching their heads. It all started with an Instagram post where she referred to Andrew Kneebone as "Hubby."

Here's what she had to say:

The blurry silhouette of Ileana against the Christmas tree did nothing to take the emphasis away from the single word that sent everyone into a tizzy. Soon enough, the fans were seen commenting, or rather confronting the actress upon her marital status. The interrogation again was met with silence.

Moreover, they were recently spotted on a private vacation in the Fiji island and it has people speculating that was it their honeymoon?

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Ileana is known to keep the mystery surrounding her relationship intact. According to her, it is a nice way to keep the fans guessing and not give anything away. So, is the actress still toying around with the mystery? Or is she hinting that the quest has come to an end? Or is it just the fans imposing their own wish to see the two in holy matrimony?

All in all, the question still stands: Is Ileana D'Cruz married? Well, we will only find out once the actress speaks up!

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