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As the Apple launching new version, day by day the users are getting attracted toward the iOS phones. Apple continuously surprising its customer by giving new versions with new exciting features. Apple recently launched its new version iOS 11 that is full of amazing features. We collected all the features for you from drag and drop, control Centre customization, dark mode, screen recorder to document scan.

Here are some great features

Use Drag and Drop

In iOS 11 it’s easy to transfer content from one app to another either it is text, image or URL by just drag and drop method. Just start by tap to hold the content from one place and drop in another place.

Control Centre

There is a customizable control Centre in iOS 11, you can choose to customize control from setting option and can change it anytime. It shifts controls on a single page, unlike the inconvenient two-page control in iOS 10.

Do not disturb while driving

You can manually select the do not disturb option while driving and also can set auto-replies. You can add this to control Centre as a quick access button.

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File documents

iOS provides icloud to save documents in the drive there is no need of a traditional file system. It also includes the feature to add other locations to sidebar like Dropbox and FTP client Transmit.

Dark mode

Each iOS user likes dark mode feature it decreases the visual stress, the UI is designed to provide dim shading that is a unique thing this time that you didn’t even think.

Sharing Wi-Fi password with nearby devices

You can easily tell someone associated with the particular device to easily share the password orally, there is no need of making effort in connecting with someone.

Document Scan

In iPhone, before there is a need to install an app for document scanning but in iOS 11 there is no need to install any app just tap the + button and choose the document scan option. Now scan the document into notes directly using the camera.


In iOS other than low, medium and high, there is a fourth option for intensity control of flashlight.

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The new iOS feature bringing for the developers. It is a new framework to build augmented reality experience in apps and games.

iOS 11 provides faster typing speed, for this you have to go in General > keyboard settings.

It provides auto brightness feature according to the outside situation.

It provides the live photo editing feature, you can simply edit the live photo by tapping the photo and select edit button.

You can record your screen and can share, edit and trim in the usual way. There is no need for a third party app to do this.

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One handed keyboard feature
App store gets updated, now developers can review the applications.
QR code scanning through camera app
You can send android users live photos
Easier to save PDFs
You can block apps from notifications history
Light guidance during navigation
Can move multiple items at once
Automatic call answers

Apple also continuously working to give some new features like pay cash, you can easily transfer the money to another person and he can transfer it to bank or can purchase items online. Message can be stored in icloud that is also upcoming feature.


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