Irony of Mersal


A Tamil movie named Mersal was all over the news in the past month. While some of us know why it is in news, some don't know the actual reason. In this article, we're going to tell you about the whole incident which has brought this movie in limelight so much. This movie stars Tamil superstar Vijay. He has played a triple role in this movie.

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There's a scene in this movie, Mersal, which BJP wanted to ban, not the whole Mersal but that particular scene, a move which backfired.

Let's talk about the scene. What was in that scene that BJP wanted to remove it? In that scene of Mersal, Vijay's character talks about GST and asks why there's a 12% GST for medicine which cures people, but not on alcohol which kills people. He also compares India's GST to Singapore 7% and also talks about the free medical care in their country.

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Well, was he wrong to talk about this thing? We don't really think so.
He just stated few facts, that's it. He also spoke about the
Gorakhpur tragedy where many infants died because there were no oxygen cylinders available.
One more incident was mentioned, about a baby dying due to a rat bite and four people who died because of an electricity cut while undergoing dialysis.

The fear of such government hospitals is the reason why private hospitals in India are thriving.
These are the few things which Vijay's character mentioned in the movie.
Do you find anything wrong here?
He just stated few facts, which are true. These incidents have actually taken place
and people have actually lost their lives because of the mistake of government hospitals. He has tried to show the bitter reality, that's it.
This is the harsh truth, believe it or not. Private hospitals are flourishing and thriving and making money out of poor people because government hospitals are not performing the way they should. Humans are dying because of the unresponsible behavior of hospitals. Poor people suffered, because of GST. These are things he said in that particular scene because of which the government wanted to ban that scene.

It backfired though because now that particular scene is the most viral video all over the internet.
Everyone is watching it and now trying to banning it won't even make sense.
The irony is strong here. The scene they wanted to ban is most viral scene now.

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