New WhatsApp Update for Android is Here!


WhatsApp is one of the most popular free messaging app with which we are in love with. It has provided an ease in communication to an extent that we often say in our layman language that WhatsApp those party images to me at the end of party or any event. We are used to of this amazing app! This app is now available everywhere and especially the new WhatsApp update

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From Android to ios to Windows to Blackberry, WhatsApp has paved its way everywhere in the hearts of people and cellular phone. WhatsApp is known for its simple features like a user-friendly interface, hassle-free log in facilities. Without being much bulky, WhatsApp is an app that does not take much space on your phone. Every application updates itself to remain in market and in the battle. So, does WhatsApp! Let’s see what’s store for us in the new WhatsApp update.

Role of new WhatsApp update

With the gradual flow of time, WhatsApp has kept on updating its features to make it more and more interesting for more people to join it. WhatsApp provides an easy medium for communication as now if you want to share anything you just WhatsApp it to the other guy.

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The new WhatsApp updates transforms the application from emoticons to video calls, audio calls etc. All such WhatsApp updates are responsible for the growth and immense popularity of this WhatsApp app. With time it has only grown!

Recent Updates

Some of the new or latest WhatsApp updates are like GIFs and WhatsApp story. The introduction of WhatsApp story has stirred a lot of settled dust in the world of messaging apps.

GIFs and WhatsApp story

This feature enables you to post pictures that you want everyone in your contact to see. But the catch is that this post only stays for 24 hours and then it disappears. Along with the addition of the story idea in the app, the new WhatsApp update allows you to provide your picture a suitable filter.

Filters are those stuffs which play an important role in our life as now days any picture is incomplete without filters! Addition of these filters in the app has increased its popularity to a larger extent.

Improvements in Security

 Also, the new WhatsApp update provides you with good security settings which let you hide the stories from people you don’t want to show.

This update creates a chaos among the other apps that allow posting story. But this did not stop WhatsApp from carrying its new WhatsApp update forward. Now, WhatsApp story feature is as welcomed as any other feature.

Pinned chats

It also allows you to pin any important conversation so that you don’t miss out upon any important message like that of your boss.

Delete the unwanted texts

You can also delete any message if you wish to

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This is some something that is really very exciting as you have options to either delete the message for yourself or for everyone. You can delete the messages as per your wish!

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Windows Updates

WhatsApp payment feature

Talking about the new WhatsApp updates, the WhatsApp app has its latest update which is quite a topic to talk about. WhatsApp is most probably going to include WhatsApp Payment feature in the future versions of it.

This feature is based Unified Payment Interface (UPI) which will enable one to send money to your friends, family or any one across the globe. By the help of this messaging app one will be able to not only send texts to your loved ones but also money for any occasions or in case of emergency. It is true that the WhatsApp dignitaries are having a word with Indian banks to coordinate with them as to provide this interesting feature to his users.

Notification Channel

 This is one of the new feature with which you’ll interact in future. WhatsApp adds on an update known as the notification channel on android Oreo 8.0 so that you can decide what you want to do with each notification type.

You’ll be able to segregate notifications by selecting various options according to your priorities. Basically, you can categorize notifications by using this feature. This feature will be of great use for the WhatsApp users.

Switch from Voice to video call

With this new WhatsApp feature you’ll be able to switch a voice call to video call and vice versa. This feature is in beta stage and will be out in WhatsApp 2.18.4 version. Without disconnecting the call you’ll be able to switch the calls. This feature will currently be used by the android users and if it becomes a success the same will be provide to the iOS users.


Concludingly, with time WhatsApp has gained immense popularity due to its amazing features that it provides. Now days, everyone uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp users around the world are approximately 1.3 billion. This is, of course, a large number and an achievement for the WhatsApp team! So, this was a small description on the latest updates of the WhatsApp. Stay tuned for more in future and of course a lot of more such exciting features from WhatsApp.


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