Operating System Wars: Microsoft Windows vs Linux


An operating system is a medium for communication between software and hardware associated with your PC and laptops. Microsoft and Linux both are the great operating systems, which one is best depends on the need of the users. It’s not necessary one is best for someone will also best for another person.


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Microsoft Windows is a GUI based operating system developed by Microsoft to share information with multiple users and to control the services like data storage, applications and multitasking to increase the speed and data storage capacity. Windows 10 has been around for some time and a significant number of you will have using PCs with Windows 10 the most recent offering from Microsoft. Windows 10 is an incredible change on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and as a working framework, it is great.


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Linux is a community developed, open source, most widely supported operating system, designed to provide most reliable and secure services, can support almost all major computing platforms like desktops, servers, mobile devices and embedded systems over the globe. Linux is available for almost every task, it has become powerful in many areas of computing.

The question is why should we prefer Linux over Microsoft?

We can understand this by discussing some of its features, here I am giving a small description with comparison in terms of some great features of Microsoft and Linux.


Windows is slow for using on older devices, especially if you are using windows 7 or windows 8. It will be very slow and you will have to install windows 10 on the same hardware device. Otherwise, you have to buy a newer device that has already windows 10 installed. But with Linux things are different, all Linux version work efficiently on older devices.

User interface

The new Linux versions provide modern look better than the older one. When the new versions come it’s difficult to accept the new designs and features, in some time we get familiar with new interfaces but we have in mind that the older designs were good. In windows 10 the design is completely different with the older version but Linux provides the same look in terms of menus and toolbars.


If the system gets crashes for windows it is common to shut down or restart the system but in Linux, there is not a problem like that you can use the system much longer. And also there is no worry about data loss in using Linux, thus Linux is more reliable than windows.

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Linux is virus free software it’s easy to find out viruses in Linux than windows. Windows is an all-time target for malware because of its popularity and poor operating system. It’s easy to install windows without any security key that creates issues in security for users.


Window’s way to collect all data is not secure, it can share your data with the third party associated with it, thus your data not secure with windows. In windows, you need extra tools to protect your privacy but in Linux, there is no need.

Community Support

You have great community support for every problem’s solution for Linux. Linux has more active members than windows.

Free to use

Linux is free to use, you have not to pay money for a genuine copy of Linux software as in windows.

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