Spookiest Restaurants in the world

spookiest restaurants

Halloween’s come and gone, but for those who love horror, Halloween is all through the year! You can always try giving your friends a scare and watch them jump. You can still read books that send a chill down your spine. But the supernatural is something that you need to experience so here is a list of spookiest restaurants in the world. These spooky and themed restaurants will offer delicious food and serve bone-chilling fear on the platter.

Read on to explore our list of the spookiest restaurants around the world!

Jekyll & Hyde Club, New York City

JekyllHyde - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

With live entertainment dotted with spooky special effects, Jekyll and Hyde is a living breathing haunted house that serves food. Even the food items are prepared with great care keeping the venue’s theme in mind.

Jekyll   Hyde New York City New York ff169822a0274ae6a147b9c030e26a93 c - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

The vast and exhaustive menu contains 62 different items with funky names like The Mummy (meat wrapped in bandages of cheese), Frankenstein’s Favourite (food garnished with cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and onion) and you can even customise your food with the Create-Your-Own-Monster burger! The interiors are eerily decorated with statues, skeletons, and dim lights.

Vampire Café, Shinjuku, Japan

vampire cafe - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

The legend of Dracula starts from this unique café. The café is decked up replicating the ambiance of Dracula Earl’s mansion. They even have a human size coffin where Earl Dracula supposedly sleeps.

campire cafe - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

Glimmering candles on candle stands and skulls and bones are found everywhere. The fluttering of the bats can be distinctly heard.

Vampire Cafe Japan - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

As for the food, all the dishes are creatively presented and cocktails look scarlet red as if tainted with real blood. The servers are well groomed and stay in character of the narrative.

Frankenstein, Edinburgh, Scotland

frankenstein - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

The unique pub is a popular tourist destination owing to the proximity of the venue to other tourist locations. This is actually a renovated 19th century run down church. Frankenstein, who created the monster in Mary Shelley’s book, forms the central theme of the place.

edinburgh frankenstein - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

Charges of static electricity sparkling ominously, flashing lights, bubbling liquid and the monster shows will keep you entertained.

frankenstein pub edinburgh - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

For a quiet time, you can just sit back and enjoy the original black and white movie on the screen.

The Lovecraft, Portland, Oregon

906c208bc90216da7707b9ab867e7532 - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

HP Lovecraft remains to thrill horror aficionados from beyond the grave. From bringing Cthulhu to life to all the unpublished works, the classic horror writer also birthed the idea of this spooky restaurant.

The Lovecraft - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

From the images of the deep underwater to creatures of the sea that have no name, it is like a time capsule to the past where you can connect with his writings.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Kentucky, USA

bobby - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

With an official looking notice, the management leaves all the patrons fending for themselves.

bobby - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

Established in 1820, it has operated as a slaughterhouse, meatpacking factory, music studio, to now a quaint restaurant. It has a long history of blood and gore and is supposedly one of the hot spots of paranormal activities.

6230643 orig - Spookiest Restaurants in the world

It is said that occultist turned the basement into the site for their rituals and one botched up ceremony was enough to leave behind a haunted trail. Fascinating!


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