Winters are an indication to pull out your favorite hoodie and rock classy leather jacket outfit inspirations but it is different when you are in Mumbai. Winters in Mumbai are absolutely absurd; the nights are freezing and the days blaze like summer and vice versa depending on the whims and fancies of the weather Gods. For such instances, it is better to be prepared with the right attire rather than conking out under extreme cold or scalding conditions.

Here is a list of tried and tested outfit ideas for winters:

1.    Light layering:

winter outfits idea  200x300 - Suitable Style Staples for Mumbai Winters!

The best part of Mumbai winters is that wardrobe revamping is optional. You can always mix and match your summer and fall collection into a winter showstopper outfit. Pick up your favorite denim; pair it with a casual top and layer it with either a sleeveless shrug or any summer jacket and you will be good to go. In case you feel hot during the day, you can get rid of the outerwear in a jiffy. Two flawless outfits, one day; too good to be true?

2.    Baggy sweaters:

winter wear 300x300 - Suitable Style Staples for Mumbai Winters!

Do you yearn to wear your super comfy PJs and t-shirt wherever you go? Then this winter, it is time to welcome its subtle substitute, baggy sweaters, to your closet. Made of highly breathable material and a huggable texture, you will feel nothing less than sheer comfort in this garb in either of the climatic conditions. Sport it with cigarette pants and flats for the added charm.

3.    Scarf it up:

winter outfit ideas 205x300 - Suitable Style Staples for Mumbai Winters!

Until you are a delicate darling who feels cold as soon as the mercury drops, Mumbai winters will pass without much rig-out. But if dressing up is your thing and you want to take the winter feels for an Insta-worthy picture, a scarf is the perfect prop. You can drape a scarf in countless ways to adorn your both your formal and casual ensembles. A woolen or cotton scarf can be chosen as per your penchant.

4.    Involve summer accouterments:

winter date outfits autumn outfits  114x300 - Suitable Style Staples for Mumbai Winters!

Like I told you staying in Mumbai for winters has its own perks, one of them is the freedom to style your garments as you like. You need not keep shorts and skirts reserved for summers only because the fad says it; I would recommend you to rather bring the minis on with stockings and a cute sweater to standout in a crowd.

5.    Go velvety:

velvet winter outfit 200x300 - Suitable Style Staples for Mumbai Winters!

The only time you can play safe with velvet is during winters. The otherwise suffocating material is something you would want to pass in the brim humid and hot climate. Take full advantage of the slightly chilly weather and try your hand with velvet as a bottom or a top. Make sure it is either of the two or be prepared to be the hottest topic in your circle for definitely unwanted reasons!

Tips for styling in winters:

•    Do not go overboard with accessorizing. Since we mostly wear full sleeves and high necks, jewelry will only make the entire outfit look crammed up.

•    Avoid chunky boots because it’s Mumbai and not Ireland.

•    No matter how comfortable you feel, never wear socks with sandals. Trust me when I say they look shabby.

•    Skip excess layering because you don’t want to look like you have used up all the things you own in one day.

It is time to revel in the swerving Mumbai winters; start experimenting now!


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