5 Super foods for Beautiful Hair


We all desire to have healthy and beautiful hair. But very few of us are that lucky to have those lustrous hair locks. If you secretly envy Rapunzel, then you should include super foods for beautiful hair in your diet will give you almost immediate result!

Taking care of your hair is a tedious job. There are several factors like stress, pollution, diet, underlying illnesses, overuse of chemical products may affect the overall health of your hair. You have to nourish your hair from within. You need to have nutrient rich diet that consists Protein, Iron, Carbohydrates, B vitamin, complex carbohydrates, Fatty Acids, sulphur, and zinc. So you have to ensure that you have a balanced diet containing all these nutrients.

Here are some super foods for beautiful hair that may help promote hair growth and get rid of several hair problems:

  1. Almonds

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Nuts, in general, are super foods for beautiful hair but Almonds are a king among the nuts. Almonds are commonly known as Badaam in Hindi and various other Indian languages. They are known as the healthiest nuts among all. They are loaded with zinc which helps maintaining healthy blood circulation of the scalp resulting healthy and shiny hair.

Almonds also hold extraordinary level of Omega 3 fatty acids that add volume and shine to your hair. They are rich in vitamin E so help prevent split ends and promote healthy growth.

Soak 2-3 almonds in some water and keep them overnight. Eat these soaked almond with or without peeling them the next morning.

2. Eggs:

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If you want to have better hair texture and growth, you need to have lots of protein. Hair is composed of keratin, which is a type of protein. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. The protein existing in eggs is considered superior protein and is excellent for overall health of hair.

Eggs contain vitamin B and biotin that perform a key role in forbidding hair loss problems and improving overall health of the scalp.

Try to eat one egg daily or every other day. You can also apply beaten eggs as hair mask for extra benefits.

3) Kidney Beans (Rajma):

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Kidney beans are a brilliant source of vital hair care nutrients. Kidney beans are a rich source of protein, zinc, iron and biotin. Eating three or more cups of kidney beans every week is necessary to enjoy stronger, shinier and thicker hair.

Kidney beans can be eaten as boiled, added to salads, and can make the curries too.

4) Cottage Cheese:

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Cottage cheese also known as paneer is a great food for the healthy hair. It contains casein and whey protein that helps in preventing dry scalp. It also has essential amino acids that are needed for beautiful shiny hair.

You can eat cottage cheese in numerous forms like salads and curries.

5) Green Peas:

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Green peas contain an extensive assortment of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair. Green Peas have zinc, iron, and potassium that helps to keep hair vivacious and strong.

Peas also contain B vitamins, like folate, B12, and B6. That are required to create red blood cells that transmit nutrients and oxygen all through the body, including the scalp. Additionally, the high volume of vitamin C existing in peas is necessary in the hair follicles for finest growth.

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