If you have recently switched to a healthier lifestyle, you may wish to observe some tangible reward for all your pains. Of course, we cannot physically see the calories burning and it takes a while for the body to get toned. Thus, fitness apps are the best way to track your progress. They also keep you motivated and outline your fitness tasks based on the goals you have fed it.

The biggest advantage of Android over any other OS is the vast array of apps available in the Store. But it also has a flipside. Greater variety translates to more confusion. Even if it comes to something basic, the Store will leave you confounded with its range of options. Hence, you have to either depend on the reviews or test them yourselves. But do you really need to make all that effort just to download an app?

Well, we have shortlisted the best fitness apps just for you!


runtastic app screens - Top fitness apps on Google PlayStore

Runtastic is a fantastic fitness app and it is fairly popular too. It supports wearable devices and has multiple workout options to choose from. The GPS tracks your movement while you walk, run, jog, or even go biking. It presents all the information that it collects in easy to understand graphs and statistics. You can even customise your dashboard to only see information that you wish to see. The Voice Coach is also available but is limited to certain features in the free version. It is integrated with many music apps so you can listen to peppy music while burning the calories.

Runtastic Pro is available at INR 300 and has monthly subscription plans that you can customise.

Couch to 5K

best android apps fathers dads c25k couch to 5k 120508 - Top fitness apps on Google PlayStore

Beware of many similar Couch to 5k variants available in the store. The one we are referring to has been developed by RunDouble. The basic idea behind any Couch to 5K app is to get the user ready for a 5 km race. It is a great way to get into preparing for marathons. The progress is made gradually and you can even select the 10K training. If you have a marathon happening any time soon, this app would definitely come handy.

The Couch to 5K is available for free, while the paid version is priced at INR 86.85.


JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log 810x718 - Top fitness apps on Google PlayStore

JEFIT is a personal trainer aiming to ease your journey into health and fitness. It is perfect for beginners who wish to start from scratch. The app contains animations of how to do the exercises. It has a vast library of over 3000 exercises! What’s even better is that they are all free! You can maintain your gym logs with the timer. It has a solid rating of 4.5 and has over 5 million downloads. You can sync your activities to their dedicated website.

Certain features are limited but you can purchase it at about INR 324.50 on a monthly basis and INR 2600 on a yearly basis.


These fitness apps clearly indicate that it is easy to monitor your activity without breaking the bank on a gym subscription.

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