Winter foods that you should definitely try


Winters, especially in Northern India, are really harsh. With fewer daylight hours and diffused sunlight, winter can really be very drab. Not just limited to how cold it really gets, but winter also takes a toll on the mind. According to studies, sunlight releases endorphins, which are the fell-good hormones. Lack of sunlight means lesser production of endorphins and thus, winter can leave you feeling really blue. Apart from that, the lower metabolism to conserve heat leads to laziness or fatigue. So, basically, winter is capable of affecting us all in different ways! But there is always one solution to every problem: Food. Thus, winter foods can turn winter from highly pleasant to at least bearable.

Here are winter foods you should binge on to keep the cold at bay. These comfort foods will also make you feel happier and more energised.

Dry Fruits

DriedFruitsNuts - Winter foods that you should definitely try

This is no hack. Everyone knows that winter means snacking on delicious and healthy dry fruits and nuts. They help keep the body warm and also offer a large amount of energy. They are healthy and can be eaten at any time, anywhere, and anyhow. If almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pistachio are way beyond your budget, do not forget the peanut vendor selling roasted hot peanuts! After all, peanuts are the poor man’s cashew nuts. Dried apricot, fig, and even raisins make a delightful after meal dessert and you do not have to worry about the processed sugar.


Top 5 Indian Spices - Winter foods that you should definitely try

Normal Indian cuisines use up an array of spices and of course we get our usual dose of it through the food we consume. But can you really think of winter and forget about the piping hot masala chai? The spiced concoction ensures that you do not catch a cold. It also helps you recover faster from the flu. Soups having a dash of freshly ground pepper are also great comfort foods. If you feel adventurous, try making the French Onion Soup to soothe your soul.

Ginger and Honey

how to use ginger and honey mixture as a medicine - Winter foods that you should definitely try

Since we already mentioned masala chai, could we have really forgotten ginger and honey from this list? Ginger and honey are the commonest home remedies for a bad throat or cold. Apart from that, if you cannot have the masala chai and it leaves you feeling overwhelmed, then you can settle for the simple ginger tea. The ginger and honey combo is a winter food that never goes out of style.

Citric fruits

Averrhoa carambola ripe fruits at CIAT - Winter foods that you should definitely try

Citric fruits are winter foods that are juicier in the cold climate. Rich in Vitamin C, having citric fruits is like sitting in the sunshine for hours. People are rather apprehensive about consuming citric fruits in winter because they feel that it causes bad throat. But there has been no scientific evidence that it causes harm. Rather, they are a source of flavonoids that are capable of keeping down cholesterol. So go ahead and purchase those limes and oranges. And oh, did we mention that the Indian Gooseberry (aka Amla) can really build up your immunity and are available in winters!


Just a few more months to go before the pleasant spring takes over. Until then, take care and enjoy the winter foods.

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